What is Kalimba

Kalimbas are musical instruments which were originally exclusively created and played in Africa. Today kalimbas can be heard all over the world. These hand-sized instruments have numerous advantages: they are easy to play, have an original and delicate sound and can be produced in various tunings.  The word ‘kalimba’ in Bantu languages means “little music”. But ‘kalimba’ is just a generic term for a whole family of instruments which are also called lamellophones. A lamellophone like the kalimba consists of a series of thin metal plates or “tongues”/tines which are fixed to a box or a wooden block serving as the resonating...

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How To Play Kalimba - The Basics

How To Play the Kalimba. In this video, I teach you how to tune your Kalimba, Kalimba playing technique, and provide some practice scales to help you improve your playing!

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